Periscope Educational Activity Pack:

Bring some fun into home learning with an exciting periscope pack! 


Periscopes help us learn about technology, physics, light, reflection and history. This educational pack has been put together from an award-winning science festival workshop based on Periscopes. (Awarded best activity from Southampton University 2017) and works alongside the curriculum in schools. It is designed to get children doing, thinking and moving, so let’s get excited to learn about periscopes!


The pack contains activities that last between 40minutes and 90minues, which can easily be broken down into different sessions or classes. Adult supervision is advised as you will be need scissors to cut out the periscope.


What you get:

  • Periscope making kit including high quality plastic mirrors and instructions;
  • Activity sheet based on the curriculum for their age range, covering science on the theme of light;
  • History and context about the periscope, what it is and why it's important;
  • Follow on activity and game ideas for children to complete on their own.  


Please choose either:

Pack 1-  Ages 7-9 

Following the curriculum in schools, specifically year 3: Learning about reflective surfaces and the sun.


Pack 2  Ages 10-12

Following the Curriculum in schools, specifically Year 6: learning about Light and how it travels, reflection and how we see.


This item is a produced and sold by my friends at Same Difference Arts. Visit for more information.

Price: £4.00 for 1 pack plus £1.00 for postage. 

Periscope: Educational Activity Pack from Same Difference Arts

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