Set up this educational nature trail for your little ones, hand them their blank crossword sheets and join them in discovering fun facts about natural life around the waters edge. 


This pack comes with 10 laminated waterside plants and animals, four blank crossword worksheets and one 'solved' sheet to help if anyone gets stuck. All A4 in size. 

Add up to four additonal answer sheets for free.


It's simple to set up!

1: Find a good spot to set your trail; For example, a canal path, a riverside footpath or a local lake;

2: Set the trail; place the crossword answers in any order along your planned trail; 

3: (Optional) Create some clues: This pack is designed as a simple 'walk-and-discover' set which means there are no clues as such, only answers. If you'd like to make it harder for older kids you can hide the answers behind trees, under rocks or anywhere that suits your route! Create some simple clues to guide them to the hiding places along the walk; 

4: Start the trail! Hand all participants a blank crossword sheet and something to write with. Head off along your trail. As you discover each answer fill out the crossword together and read the fun facts together. Remember to keep an eye out for the real life ones around the waters edge! 

Nature Trail Crossword: Waterside

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