1: Buy your colour tag;

2: Keep an eye on your letterbox - your tag will be sent to you as a standard letter: First Class Royal Mail;

3: Once you receive your tag, it's time to play! 

Find as many things as you can that match the colour of your tag. Around your home, in your garden or even on a walk; once you start looking you'll start noticing your colour in all sorts of places;


4: Take photos of your tag next to the colour matches. Take a look at the photos on this page for inspiration; 


5: Upload your photos to Instagram and use the hashtag #FindTheColour

You can tag me too @hello.bessmartin; 


If you don't have Instagram, not to worry, email your photos to me:

  • Tags will be sent at random, you will not know your colour until it arrives;

  • There are 70 tags in total, so to make sure everyone can join in there will be a limit at first of 2 tags per household;

  • The tags cost £2 which simply covers the cost of materials, print, postage and packaging;

  • Tags will be sent with full instructions on how to play - which makes them perfect little gifts too!

  • What will happen with the photos? Well... you'll have to wait and see!

#FindTheColour: Tag

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