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This little gift shop of mine is brand new.

Starting in late October 2019 - with limited start up costs for materials - each purchase will be made to order. Perfect for pre-order Christmas gifts! All orders should be made, packaged and on the way to you within 7 days of purchase. 

For more information on product availability, time-scales, postage and profits click here.

View the charity cost breakdown per item and read the support agreement from Leeds Mind here.


A selection of items are specifically made with mental health in mind because it is ok to talk about it.


Sometimes we just need something to get the conversation started.


All profits from the sale of these items will go to Leeds Mind.

I will not be taking an income.

To find out a little more about why

here's a small story


To make things super simple, signed-for postage within the UK is included in the cost of each item.

The price listed is the price you pay.

I will take orders for original handmade gifts based on items available 

just send me an email

Christmas collection

handmade gifts

original design & print

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General product information:

  • All items are made to order and, as such, there may be small variations in design (but not quality);

  • I will be managing the quantity of items that are available for order 'behind the scenes'. Most items will be limited to small batches of 10 or 15. Cards and prints in batches of 50 or 100. This is to ensure I have time to complete all orders as they come in within the 7 day period; 

    • If something is listed as 'out of stock' simply pop me an email and I can let you know a time frame for when the item will be available. I will aim to complete every order including any out of stock items that are requested via email;

    • I will aim to make and post all orders within 7 days. You should receive the item within 10 days or purchase; 

    • If a 7 day 'make-and-post' turn-around is not possible I will contact you at the earliest possible point to let you know and to discuss options;

  • In all cases I will contact you once the item is in the post and on it's way to you.

Payment and Postage:​

  • Royal Mail, second class signed for postage is included in the price of all items;

  • You pay only the stated cost of each product with no additional fees added at checkout; 

  • Products available as a set (greeting cards in packs of 5 or 10, for example) are listed with an individual price and also separately with a set price; If you a looking for a variation of a set - to buy 7 cards for example, you should order the pack of 5 cards then add on 2 additional single cards;

  • I will not deduct postage from the total cost if you prefer to collect in person, the listed price is the final item price;

  • Refunds are available - if required - for sub-quality orders or orders I cannot complete within 7 days;

  • Payments are made through a secure feature of 'Wix' where my website is hosted. This is a new feature of my website. I hope there won't be any issues but if you do run in to a problem you can contact me directly and I'll be happy to help.


  • The full profit from all items (after material and postage costs) will go to Leeds Mind;

  • Items are cost calculated to cover materials, postage and packaging. I am not taking a payment for my own time; 

  • Any additional profits after the materials, postage and packaging costs will be added to the total Leeds Mind fundraiser;

  • The final amount raised for Leeds Mind will be calculated and announced in early 2020. I will be keeping track of the tally as orders come in too so if anyone would like an update please do email me. 

Have another question?

This is just a little shop and I am just a quick email away:

why the non-profit shop?

Everybody has their ups and downs and this is in no way a sob story - actually it's almost the opposite. A 'Bad Day' in 2018 swept the rug from under my feet and knocked my confidence something chronic. I found myself displaced, lost, suddenly having to move house and having to start building my life up again from scratch. It's been a bumpy road (with an epilepsy diagnosis thrown in the middle of it for good measure) but I'm starting to enjoy the view again. Just over a year since the 'Bad Day' and with support from a GP who might actual be an angel, a frankly f'in amazing therapist and through ongoing Leeds Mind peer-support sessions I feel ready to dip my creative toe back in the water. 

I'm not quite ready to jump in yet though so for the time being this little venture is non-profit and non-pressure. I will not be earning any income from this and have set up costs in order to raise some money for Leeds Mind to thank them for their kindness. 

why Leeds mind?

I will be donating the full profits from this shop to Leeds Mind Charity to aid in their delivery of invaluable peer-support sessions. 


Based at Clarence House in Horsforth, Leeds Mind run regular peer-support sessions, workshops and groups. These ​cover a huge variety of themes including; Building self-esteem, Managing anxiety, Managing money, Building resilience and Setting Boundaries - to name a few. They also run weekly regular general peer-support groups, one of which I have just become part of. All peer-support sessions are free and open to anyone with no need for a GP referral or mental health diagnosis. They provide a safe, structured space for peer-support that allows everyone in the room to contribute equally and at the level they feel they are able. 

My own experience of the service has been nothing but positive. Not only have I made massive steps forward in my own recovery but I have also seen first hand the benefit to multiple others who use the service. This free service is even more incredible when I add in the fact that the facilitators actively support, take time with and check up on peers between sessions. Whether face-to-face, over the phone or via email I can't fault Leeds Mind in their ongoing mission to provide a safe space for people to learn to live with their mental health difficulties and to achieve their goals.

I am raising money through this shop to give back towards their cost of running these peer-support sessions. Leeds Mind do not directly endorse the sale of these products - this is not official merchandise - but they are happy for me to be doing some creative fundraising. 

how does this work?